Would u watch me in a reality series or tv series?

Av Stefie O. Mayazi | 15. oktober 2017


Got an interesting phone call from a tv-producer about a upcoming tvproject. So I asked my Instagram followers if they would watch me feature in a serie as myself or in a tv series where i poitraut a make belive characther.

I was not really supriced by the answers. I would also like to see somebody I know personally or someone that i found Interesting in a reality show. But in a reality show based in positive things and some that I actually can learn from rather than a show based on stupidity and sex.

76 percent voted to see me in a reality show and 24 percent voted tv series. I would like to do both to get my experience in what i would «like or be good at» the most. But I would vote for reality show. Because then u can be your truself and use the tv-platform as a positive thing for example to INSPIRE,showcase business and get a new life experience!

I vote reality show… who knows who will come up on your tv screen. STAY TUNED!


Stefie O.



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