The lost obsession

Av Stefie O. Mayazi | 31. januar 2018

It was in August i woke up one day and decided  I wanted to cut my hair off. After 10 something years of diffrent hairstyles like braids,cornrows, extensions and straight relaxed hair.



The constant view society keeps punching in ones face that women are only pretty and relavent with the long waves or straighted hair. A  view that is not even close to realistic in my life.


Crazy thoughts swerving in my head and doubting myself mentally and physically:

Would people like me if I cut all my hair off? Think I was wierd? Will I loose sponsors? Will any guy want to be with me?

Crochete braids

However, I was tired of fitting in and keeping up with the «trends» so in August I was determined to try a dramatic change not knowing that my obsession would disappear

Never did I ever think the thought of cutting my hair and having fade cuts because I was stuck in the poor image that being pretty is only possible with long hair.  I was wrong and small minded.


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