Stefie X Reality-series (A day with a tv-crew)

Av Stefie O. Mayazi | 24. oktober 2017

The last week was absolutely interesting!
I had a whole tv-team with me filming me at work . Why and what tv-team?
Well, unfortunately I can’t tell to much yet because it’s in its process. However, let me tell u how it was!

I met the Tv-team about an hour before I started work. They set up a small microphone on me and set up their big camera equipment and then we started filming. We went down to the entry of the building I work for. Of course I snapchat some videos because it was so funny. I couldn’t believe here I am little crazy Stefie with this camera team.

Anyways, as we did some shoots outside I was first a little nervous but then I remembered! (HEY, YOU DONT NEED TO ACT OR REMEMBER ANY SCRIPT! BE YOURSELF)
After I gave myself a mental peptalk I got more comfortable.

Of course it was a bit awkward at first when people started to take out there phones and film/take pictures of us. But that’s 2017 people record EVERYTHING they see.

The whole process we filmed got me really thinking: hmm so this is how it is to be Kim K ? (BIG LOL)

I was not use to repeating things that just came naturally to me because it come out NATURALLY. However, it was actually relaxing speaking out loud to myself. I usually talk to myself ALL THE TIME (in my head tho). It was nice to let my words out and just hear myself talk to the air. Except the air was the tv-team.

The project overall is still in process and it’s on standby to see if the tv-network will pick it up. If the network picks it up its going to be great! It’s a real/raw and positive series that I think needs to be seen in the Scandinavian tv-screens.

The crew overall was so nice and professional! It felt that we worked together for years! Amazing feeling!!!

Here are some private snap pictures of that day!


Stay tuned …
Stefie O

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