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Av Stefie O. Mayazi | 1. oktober 2017

Welcome to my world! I am Stefie-Olito Mayazi. My blog will contain different emotional elements of my life such as; self-impowerment, positive attraction, anxiety issues and random hot topics that needs to be read . But mainly an open diary of my life as an Hairstylist in Training, Beauty Editor and a Zumba Instructor.

Let me tell you about me! A Oslo based «girl » (over tweenty-yrs ol, HEHE). I am born in a small town Helsingborg that is located in southern Sweden and have amazing roots from Congo-Kinsasha in central Africa. In my life I have had a lot of visions of what I wanted to do, and who I am/ who do I wanna be. Well, ladies and gents! After 20+ years it is now I can actually feel that Im in my right element and in the road Im supposed to be in.

Sounds good right? WAIT, its a big BUT comming up. Even tho im in my right element and doing things that I love, the battle with myself in this world gets TOO real at times. Meaning, life still is a tough nut to crack even when you master your goals and feel the happiest as you can be in the moment. Im guessing thats the cuteness of life and pursuing your own happiness you have to work on it. Almost as if you work for getting that PAY CHECK. The more hours and hard work you put in, the more happy u get at the end.

im excited for my new journey

– Fearlessly

Stefie O

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