Right on time (Mockberg)

Av Stefie O. Mayazi | 15. februar 2018

Thursday morning started extra earlier than usual. I was on a selfiequeens assignment,  a press-event breakfast for a the Swedish clock company named Mockberg.

People who  know me are highly aware of my love for food so getting up early was not a biggie! Served delicious morning food aka breakfast was a great way to start the day. The location of the event was at a restaurant called Ett Bord (ONE TABLE) I was really supriced when I heard that the restaurant  only have one big table. I will fill u in about that in another post.

Elvira Eriksson Co-founder

At the press event of Mockberg we got introduced to the co-founder herself Elvira Eriksson. I was very impressed by Elvira’s journey as she stood in front everyone talking about it. The drive, determination, courage and consistansy she had to build up her brand is a force to be recognized  with. Elvira built her brand because she saw that there was something missing in the market and she believed that she had the missing pieces.

The watches are fit for all women no matter what taste one has. All from simple colored to shiny mesh gold watches are available. The range level is wide and I love it!

Thank you Elvira and Mockberg for adding more watches to our lives.. Right on time


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