Reality Check!

Av Stefie O. Mayazi | 12. januar 2018

The unbelievable measures we go through just to prove a point is ridicolus. How is It that we get so fixated to prove a person a point. Yet, we forget that everything,everyone is replaceable and other people’s validation of YOUR LIFE does not matter.

  • When does your money become more important than your health?


  • Fame more valuable than morals, or pride more cooler than loyalty ?


Most times we get stuck in the image other people paint of us rather than our own reality. Reality of how you feel from start of the day to the end of the day. People will have their thoughts and maybe an input of us. However, when we let others thoughts and exceptions get into our head we start to doubt and get distracted of our OWN REALITY. Don’t let the expectations of others «kill» u. I say kill because how are u living if you are only here to make your life accepted by others?

Take of yourself and your own reality #loveyear

Stefie O

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