Av Stefie O. Mayazi | 4. juni 2018

Its been a while but know that I have been working, grinding and enjoying my life! A lot has happend these couple of months and I am ready to share everything (almost hehe everything) with you all. Networking and socialising with familiar and unfamiliar people is something I just love. The great conversations, new ideas and eyeopening moments one can get from another person and is just mind-blowing. May 18 I had the oppertunity to work as an Social Media Host for an hardworking lady in the entertainment business Donnah Obera. This lady Donnah Obera is a female event-planner and businesswoman based in Oslo. Donnahs passion is to bring light to the city of Oslo and bring people together through events, concerts, festivals and conferences. I met this beautiful woman backstage at Fally Ipupas concert here in Oslo. An exclusive post about Fally Ipupas concert will be up soon! Anyways, Donnah Obera and I had some great conversations which led to us collaborating on her event OX2E BELAIRE BDAY PARTY which held place May 18, Oslo. The event was an exclusive event celebrating Donnah Obera‘s bday where her friends and special guests was invited. As a social woman living in the city i’m always looking where to go to meet new people and have a great time. Donnah Obera‘s Belaire party was one of a kind I must say; from the red carpet, golden decoration of the venue, high end photographers capturing moments, international host Charlene hyping the guests and UK based artists 2KINGZ showing their class. It was just an amazing night and Im happy and grateful that I could be there and take some intimate stories to show you all what happens behind the scenes. Enjoy the video below and  feel free leave a comment !


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  • donnah sier:

    Wow gal amazing job. Am glad I met you . U bring joy to our events. Can’t wait to work with u again. Obera X2 entertainment gat you babe.

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