A Mayazi Baby-Shower

Av Stefie O. Mayazi | 5. mars 2018

The past weekend I traveled to Stockholm for a special occasion. MY SISTERS (Adja) BABY SHOWER!! Adja is the oldest of my three sisters and she is expecting her first child, a boy! The baby shower was held on Saturday at Adjas friends place Anah. The babyshower was planned a couple of months back trough WhatsApp group message (thank God for technology). A total of 15 of Adja’s closest friends from all over the world came together to make this celebration the very best.

A few days before the event we sent Adja a letter with a few instructions to follow. Saturday three of the girls came and “kidnapped” a blindfolded Adja.  During this time the rest of the planners decorated the house and made food.  After a hour we all hid in the kitchen while Adja entered the place with our three helpers. A curious and nosy Adja was wondering what in the world was going on. One funny thing is that Adja thought the people that got her was men, due to their hands according to Adja.

Adja was brought to the kitchen where the rest of us stod camera ready. One of the helpers thook of Adja’s blindfolded and we all screamed: SURPRISE!!!

The look on Adjas face was priceless and beautiful. She was so supriced and happy. After some hugs and kisses we sat down and enjoyed the amazing food by Anah. Anah has her own catering company based in Stockholm. The food is inspired by West African cuisine. Totally amazing and great to order for big to small events. Check out  here  FoodbyAnah      The party contained fun games like : Guess the poop, guess the baby food, measure Adja’s stomach and of course some dancing around the table. It was great to witness the pure joy everyone had for Adja and it was so fun celebrating the unborn baby boy. I’m glad to say the boy have a lot of amazing real aunties and extra aunties by his side. Most importantly, Adja has a great support system around her and that is all a mother and father can wish for. They say it takes a village to take care of a child. Well Adja, you have secured your village!

Good luck on this journey Adja. I know you will be a great mother because u are a amazing sister and an amazing woman who does everything out of a good heart. I claim a strong, great and loving bond between you and your son from now on and until the end!


– Your first daughter

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