Fitting and styletalk at FLESH

Av Stefie O. Mayazi | 25. februar 2018

Friday morning started with a insta-story agenda. Once and a while I will do a story on my instagram stefie0mayazi where people can follow me behind the scenes of the projects in my life. I met up with Sissel, a creative and sassy Journalist from Dagsavisen (Norwegian newspaper). Sissel and I are working together on a project for some months and during the time period we are going around Oslo city to meet some fashion designers that we think can make our vision come to light! Today we met  the designer of Flesh 

I was so freaking amazed by the showroom  of  Flesh, the room was so inspiring and full of life. The style of the clothes is colorful, bold and fierce. I believe if you are all of that or DESIRE to be that. Flesh is the gear to wear.  The pieces had me feeling on top of my fashion game and drifted my mind away to places where I want to be in like New York, London, Milan and Los Angeles. It really made me feel on point! Not to mention, the incredible details she put on each piece is remarkable. It’s a story behind every piece which makes the brand so original. 

I found some great pieces for the project and I’m excited and thankful that we can use it for our project and I’m more than happy to say that I look dope in Flesh.



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