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Av Stefie O. Mayazi | 8. mars 2018

Stefie is a girl with a lot if things up in the air. People often ask: What is it you don’t do?
Well, I never say no to things that makes me happy and dance is one of the things that I absolutely love!

A year ago

A year ago I met a talented rapper by the name King Shway at a music event. We liked each other’s vibe and it was on a professional level. In the mist of our conversation I told him: Hey, if u need a dancer let me know! Right on the spot I showed him some videos of me dancing  and the rest is history. After that day we collaborated on a few projects. After some shows and a year later  Young Cisto  who also is a rapper to be recognized with contacted me albout a fun event both him and King Shawy was going to perform in together and they asked for me to join. I said yes!!!!!!

I had like two days to come up with choreo and listen to the songs. In the mist of everything I got sick the day before the show. However, I got better on time. After, a great session in Young Cisto’s studio I was so hyped and excited to perform a show again.

The show went great it was an event at a local cafe/club in the heart of oslo Cafe sør. The event called “Roc the mic” .  It is different artist that performs on Wednesdays night. I love that clubs are helping artist to showcase their talent and helping us develop as artists and involving locals to have fun on weekdays. This is a way more artists get motivated and hungry when there actually are places for them to perform without your name being Drake, Bruno Mars and so on.

I performed 4 songs as a backup dancer. I loved every bit of it. Dancing to music I feel the vibe to and bringing energy to the crowd is amazing! It’s a whole other feeling.  It is so important to believe in yourself and pursue your love. Im glad I have learned to take the opertunityies that are coming my way. Most importantly, making opportunities happening my way.

A year later

– Stefthedancer

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