Its been a while but know that I have been working, grinding and enjoying my life! A lot has happend these couple of months and I am ready to share everything (almost hehe everything) with you all. Networking and socialising with familiar and unfamiliar people is something I just love. The great conversations, new ideas and eyeopening moments one can get from another person and is just mind-blowing. May 18 I had the oppertunity to work as an Social Media Host for an hardworking lady in the entertainment business Donnah Obera. This lady Donnah Obera is a female event-planner and businesswoman based in Oslo. Donnahs passion is to bring light to the city of Oslo and bring people together through events, concerts, festivals and conferences. I met this beautiful woman backstage at Fally Ipupas concert here in Oslo. An exclusive post about Fally Ipupas concert will be up soon! Anyways, Donnah Obera and I had some great conversations which led to us collaborating on her event OX2E BELAIRE BDAY PARTY which held place May 18, Oslo. The event was an exclusive event celebrating Donnah Obera‘s bday where her friends and special guests was invited. As a social woman living in the city i’m always looking where to go to meet new people and have a great time. Donnah Obera‘s Belaire party was one of a kind I must say; from the red carpet, golden decoration of the venue, high end photographers capturing moments, international host Charlene hyping the guests and UK based artists 2KINGZ showing their class. It was just an amazing night and Im happy and grateful that I could be there and take some intimate stories to show you all what happens behind the scenes. Enjoy the video below and  feel free leave a comment !


Stefie O Mayazi





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Wednesday started with a bright sun and a cool breeze here in Oslo, norway. I was so happy to feel the nice weather when I got out for my errands of the day. I am glad we are going slowly but surely to brighter days in this winter wonderland.


I met up with Sissel to continue the special project we are working on. Today we had a meeting with the amazing brand Line of Oslo. Line of Oslo’s headquarters was  as  big as I espeected but still personal and inspirational. Special details on the walls and fresh interior to keep the cool vibe. Sissel had set up an meeting for us and we met up with a super sweet  Line of Oslo team member Anniken.

I saw the SS18 fashion show of Line of Oslo in January and I remembered a specific dress. The moment I saw that dress on the runway I said to my self: I NEED TO WEAR THIS DRESS. Little did I know that some months later my thoughts came to life. Line of Oslo and that specific dress came to mind when Sissel and I brainstormed about what designer clothes we wanted for the project. I’m grateful and happy that my wish came trough. Thank you line of Oslo for a great meeting!
– Stefie O

Stefie is a girl with a lot if things up in the air. People often ask: What is it you don’t do?
Well, I never say no to things that makes me happy and dance is one of the things that I absolutely love!

A year ago

A year ago I met a talented rapper by the name King Shway at a music event. We liked each other’s vibe and it was on a professional level. In the mist of our conversation I told him: Hey, if u need a dancer let me know! Right on the spot I showed him some videos of me dancing  and the rest is history. After that day we collaborated on a few projects. After some shows and a year later  Young Cisto  who also is a rapper to be recognized with contacted me albout a fun event both him and King Shawy was going to perform in together and they asked for me to join. I said yes!!!!!!

I had like two days to come up with choreo and listen to the songs. In the mist of everything I got sick the day before the show. However, I got better on time. After, a great session in Young Cisto’s studio I was so hyped and excited to perform a show again.

The show went great it was an event at a local cafe/club in the heart of oslo Cafe sør. The event called “Roc the mic” .  It is different artist that performs on Wednesdays night. I love that clubs are helping artist to showcase their talent and helping us develop as artists and involving locals to have fun on weekdays. This is a way more artists get motivated and hungry when there actually are places for them to perform without your name being Drake, Bruno Mars and so on.

I performed 4 songs as a backup dancer. I loved every bit of it. Dancing to music I feel the vibe to and bringing energy to the crowd is amazing! It’s a whole other feeling.  It is so important to believe in yourself and pursue your love. Im glad I have learned to take the opertunityies that are coming my way. Most importantly, making opportunities happening my way.

A year later

– Stefthedancer

The past weekend I traveled to Stockholm for a special occasion. MY SISTERS (Adja) BABY SHOWER!! Adja is the oldest of my three sisters and she is expecting her first child, a boy! The baby shower was held on Saturday at Adjas friends place Anah. The babyshower was planned a couple of months back trough WhatsApp group message (thank God for technology). A total of 15 of Adja’s closest friends from all over the world came together to make this celebration the very best.

A few days before the event we sent Adja a letter with a few instructions to follow. Saturday three of the girls came and “kidnapped” a blindfolded Adja.  During this time the rest of the planners decorated the house and made food.  After a hour we all hid in the kitchen while Adja entered the place with our three helpers. A curious and nosy Adja was wondering what in the world was going on. One funny thing is that Adja thought the people that got her was men, due to their hands according to Adja.

Adja was brought to the kitchen where the rest of us stod camera ready. One of the helpers thook of Adja’s blindfolded and we all screamed: SURPRISE!!!

The look on Adjas face was priceless and beautiful. She was so supriced and happy. After some hugs and kisses we sat down and enjoyed the amazing food by Anah. Anah has her own catering company based in Stockholm. The food is inspired by West African cuisine. Totally amazing and great to order for big to small events. Check out  here  FoodbyAnah      The party contained fun games like : Guess the poop, guess the baby food, measure Adja’s stomach and of course some dancing around the table. It was great to witness the pure joy everyone had for Adja and it was so fun celebrating the unborn baby boy. I’m glad to say the boy have a lot of amazing real aunties and extra aunties by his side. Most importantly, Adja has a great support system around her and that is all a mother and father can wish for. They say it takes a village to take care of a child. Well Adja, you have secured your village!

Good luck on this journey Adja. I know you will be a great mother because u are a amazing sister and an amazing woman who does everything out of a good heart. I claim a strong, great and loving bond between you and your son from now on and until the end!


– Your first daughter

Friday morning started with a insta-story agenda. Once and a while I will do a story on my instagram stefie0mayazi where people can follow me behind the scenes of the projects in my life. I met up with Sissel, a creative and sassy Journalist from Dagsavisen (Norwegian newspaper). Sissel and I are working together on a project for some months and during the time period we are going around Oslo city to meet some fashion designers that we think can make our vision come to light! Today we met  the designer of Flesh 

I was so freaking amazed by the showroom  of  Flesh, the room was so inspiring and full of life. The style of the clothes is colorful, bold and fierce. I believe if you are all of that or DESIRE to be that. Flesh is the gear to wear.  The pieces had me feeling on top of my fashion game and drifted my mind away to places where I want to be in like New York, London, Milan and Los Angeles. It really made me feel on point! Not to mention, the incredible details she put on each piece is remarkable. It’s a story behind every piece which makes the brand so original. 

I found some great pieces for the project and I’m excited and thankful that we can use it for our project and I’m more than happy to say that I look dope in Flesh.



Thursday morning started extra earlier than usual. I was on a selfiequeens assignment,  a press-event breakfast for a the Swedish clock company named Mockberg.

People who  know me are highly aware of my love for food so getting up early was not a biggie! Served delicious morning food aka breakfast was a great way to start the day. The location of the event was at a restaurant called Ett Bord (ONE TABLE) I was really supriced when I heard that the restaurant  only have one big table. I will fill u in about that in another post.

Elvira Eriksson Co-founder

At the press event of Mockberg we got introduced to the co-founder herself Elvira Eriksson. I was very impressed by Elvira’s journey as she stood in front everyone talking about it. The drive, determination, courage and consistansy she had to build up her brand is a force to be recognized  with. Elvira built her brand because she saw that there was something missing in the market and she believed that she had the missing pieces.

The watches are fit for all women no matter what taste one has. All from simple colored to shiny mesh gold watches are available. The range level is wide and I love it!

Thank you Elvira and Mockberg for adding more watches to our lives.. Right on time


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