One can say that the late days of March and early days of April, Vivan Eyo-Ephraim broke the internet. The Bridge Model made history and world fame when Asos published her in their plus-size bikini campaing. Since the world got a glance of the pure and realistic photos of Eyo-Ephraim, her images has gone viral and women has been cheering over the fact that a mainstream brand has used a bikini model they can relate to.

We’ve got the chance to talk to Vivian about life, what inspires her and where she sees herself in a few years.

When did you realize that you wanted to pursue modeling? Tell us about it!
I desperately wanted to be a model after having a conversation with my mum last year. I went to her room to brag about two of my friends who walked NYFW and she was like «Why don’t you model though?». She triggered a switch in my head.  I was doing everything else at the time such as radio, acting and commercials so I thought modelling wont hurt too! I applied for the Curve & Brawn model search competition on StarNow June 2017, I won and got signed to the amazing BRIDGE Models. It’s been a whole exciting roller coaster ever since

What does the retweets, likes and positive feedback mean to you and for the society in general?
The positivity I’m receiving means everything to me. Everyone says social media is a powerful place, but experiencing it yourself just makes you see the world in a different light. I’m grateful!

What is the best thing – and the worst – about social media?
It gives people a voice and gives us the opportunity to put our own content out there. If we are not seeing what we want to see in the media we are going to create that content and put it out there ourselves. I think the worst thing about it is people that use the anonymity of the web to put people down and attack others.

What would you say to 12 year old Vivian?
To keep striving and enjoy everyday as it comes.

What is your best self empowerment tips?
To realise how amazing your body is and what it is capable of. It is not just a clothes hanger, it is strong and powerful.

How is a typical day in your life?
A typical day would be me going to university or work, but an ideal day would be staying home and binging Netflix originals.

Who has inspired you in your life and why?
My mum inspires me everyday! She pushes myself and even my siblings to unlock areas we’ve never thought of before. I’ve never in my life met anyone so hardworking and disciplined. A true Queen!

Can you give us 2-3 fun facts we might not know about you?

  1. I´m Nigerian.
  2. I was supposed to be called Victor as my parents thought I was going to be a boy.
  3. Before my modelling career took off I worked as an extra on Hoff De Record with David Hasselhoff.

How do you deal with rejections and/or negativity?
This sounds very cheesy but It’s honestly very true! Rejection makes me a stronger person. I’m very competitive and ambitious so when I have to deal with rejection I see it as something that motivates me because I’ll only work harder to get something bigger, better and I’ll forever want to prove them wrong!

You broke the internet. What´s up next?
Definitely a lot more! I can’t disclose anything right now but I’m very excited and I’d urge you all to keep your eyes peeled!

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